Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Kindness Kind - Beautiful Souls

The Kindness Kind may rival the Spolkestra in the ol' worst band name in the world competition. Either that or I just don't get it (this may also be true of the Spolkestra). If I am not getting it can someone please tell me what it is I'm missing. Still, like the Spolkestra, the Kindness Kind are pretty damned good once you get beyond their moniker. Here's the opening track off their latest self-titled release, Beautiful Souls. I chose "Beautiful Souls" cuz thats wot u av, dear reader, and don't you forget it.

The Kindness Kind - Beautiful Souls

PS: What an awesome promo poster:

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Outcrop Media said...

I think the name The Kindness Kind is taken from a lyric from Bjork's song, 'Undo' [I'm praying to be in a generous mode/ the kindness kind/ to share me]; and 'Spolkestra' is a mix of the words Space/Folk/Orchestra, named after the experimental art improvisations the band did in some forests in Scotland a couple of years back.