Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Clor - Good Stuff

Ahh Clor, I miss you. You made one of my favourite dancey indie albums and then just disappeared without so much as a farewell. It makes me very sad.

Check out these filthy lyrics - love it.

Clor - Good Stuff
Coming out of my mouth
Into your eyes
Not once, but twice

Choosing the other's eye
Always why
Forever yielding
You should have seen your face
Can you imagine how I must appear

Let me do it for you
Let me do it for me
Let me give me some more of your good stuff

Help me out with my hair
How i have come to resemble those things you like No hidden seams are here
No happy faces
Guided by stellar voices

Now let me do it for you
Let me do it for me
Let me give me some more of your good stuff

We are the content
and we drink them all night
Out through a curly straw
Let's suck our poisonous juices!
Oh, that's good
Let me do it for you
Let me do it for me
Let me give me some more of your good stuff

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Rapture - No Sex For Ben

You may have heard this track on the soundtrack to GTA4 (Radio Broker) - it's a wee bit of a chooooon.

The Rapture - No Sex For Ben

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Amanda Palmer - Oasis

Amanda Palmer is hilarious (and I don't use the word hilarious very often - I try to save it for things that are genuinely hilarious). This song in particular is just fantastic, the lyrics are spot on. It's off her solo debut, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, released back in September.

Amanda Palmer - Oasis

when i got to the party
they gave me a fourty
and i must've been thirsty
cause i drank it so quickly

when i got to the bedroom
there was somebody waiting
and it isn't my fault
that the barbarian raped me

when i went to get tested
i brought along my best friend
melissa mahoney
who had once been molested

and she knew how to get there
she knew all the nurses
they were all really friendly
but the test came out positive


I've seen better days but i don't care
I just sent a letter in the mail

when i got my abortion
i brought along my boyfriend
we got there an hour
before the appointment

and outside the building
there were all these annoying
fundamentalist christians
we tried to ingore them


i've had better days but i don't care
oasis got my letter in the mail

when vacation was over
the word was all over
that i was a crack whore
melissa had told them

and so now were not talking
except we have tickets
to see blur in october
and i think were still going


i've seen better days but i don't care
oh i just got a letter in the mail

oasis sent a photograph
its autographed and everything
melissa's gonna wet herself
i swear

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Muttering Retreats - The Capitalist & The Communist Vie For Our Hero's Affection

I hereby declare that adore overlong and slightly ridiculous titles, and this may be the best yet. The Muttering Retreats are a threepiece who hail from Lakewood, Ohio,
and one of them wants to fall in love with a girl who's got some real estate. Who can blame him, I say, in this turbulent time... or not. I'm so fucking sick of the media going on about the "credit crunch". It's not so much the news items that I object to, it's when you're watching a cookery programme and the presenter is like "well that's a perfect recipe for these credit crunch times". Somehow every item in every show now has to make some kind of reference to it. It's mindless.

End of rant.

The Muttering RetreatsThe Capitalist & The Communist Vie For Our Hero's Affection

P.S. Having plenty of problems with file hosting services but this link should now work..

Friday, 7 November 2008

The Brighton Port Authority

The Brighton Port Authority centres around Norman Cook (i.e. Fatboy Slim) and producer Simon Thornton and, as you'd expect from anything Mr Slim is involved in, it's extremely enjoyable danceable music. Even better, there are 4 tracks available on their website to download without paying any of your "hard earned" money. How awesome is that?

And I strongly recommend you watch the video to Toe Jam: