Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Muttering Retreats - The Capitalist & The Communist Vie For Our Hero's Affection

I hereby declare that adore overlong and slightly ridiculous titles, and this may be the best yet. The Muttering Retreats are a threepiece who hail from Lakewood, Ohio,
and one of them wants to fall in love with a girl who's got some real estate. Who can blame him, I say, in this turbulent time... or not. I'm so fucking sick of the media going on about the "credit crunch". It's not so much the news items that I object to, it's when you're watching a cookery programme and the presenter is like "well that's a perfect recipe for these credit crunch times". Somehow every item in every show now has to make some kind of reference to it. It's mindless.

End of rant.

The Muttering RetreatsThe Capitalist & The Communist Vie For Our Hero's Affection

P.S. Having plenty of problems with file hosting services but this link should now work..

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spanish_lullaby said...

Have you got the lyrics please??